Friends of the Homeless provides support to homeless men and women through emergency shelter and transitional housing programs. Since 1983, Friends of the Homeless has provided our fellow citizens who are experiencing a homeless crisis with the opportunity to reestablish themselves as members of the Columbus community.

As a program of Southeast, Inc. 
since 2006, Friends has retained its role in the community and maintained the mission and vision that was established in 1983.



While we continue to assist the most vulnerable in our community, homelessness is still an issue within Franklin County.  

The Coordinated Point of Access (CPOA) serves as the access point for shelters in Franklin County, Ohio. Single adults and families (adults with children) should call 614-274-7000 if you are facing a homeless crisis.

Friends of the Homeless provides emergency shelter and a variety of programs that help individuals overcome their homelessness and move back into our community.

southeast, inc.

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Southeast, Inc. is a comprehensive provider of mental health, chemical dependency, healthcare, and homeless services assisting diverse populations regardless of their economic status.

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