In addition to our events, there are numerous fundrasing events, food drives and special events sponsored by various organizations and businesses in support of Friends of the Homeless. Are you interested in assisting us in helping our fellow citizens through their homeless crisis? Here's how you can help!

At Work or School

  • Sack Lunch Challenge: Challenge your coworkers to bring their lunch to work one day a week, and donate the money they have saved to Friends of the Homeless.  
  • Jeans Day:  Staff or students can pay $5 each to wear jeans instead of more formal attire!
  • Lunch and Learn: Schedule a lunch and learn at your work, and Friends of the Homeless will send a speaker to tell your staff about our life-changing programs.


  • Fund Drive: Host a fund drive for Friends of the Homeless at your office, on campus, or with friends online. Set a realistic goal and challenge others to participate by donating money or goods to benefit FOH. Encourage them to get their friends and family involved.  
  • Birthday Gifts: In lieu of gifts, ask your friends, family and coworkers to donate to Friends of the Homeless in honor of your birthday.

If you’d like to host a drive for goods or gift-in-kind items, please contact us at or 614.360.0251 ext. 2105.


Upcoming events at Friends of the Homeless

No scheduled events.

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